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Organize | Seek | Find events on DYT. Experience in real life. It's free.

Organize | Seek | Find events on DYT. Experience in real life. It's free.

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What is DYT?

— DYT, Do your Thing is a tool that bridges the gap between social media and real life. The tool enables you to participate in real life events with friends or others from your neighborhood

Can I organize events in DYT?

— Yes, You can! Simply click on the ‘+’ and off you go

I don’t find events of my interest in DYT. What do I do?

— It could be you need to increase your app radius in the Settings Page and then try scrolling up from the very bottom. Use UP and DOWN arrows to navigate to top or bottom of event page.

I created a new event but don't see it in my New view?

— Events created by yourself are in the view 'Me'. View 'New' shows events created by others.

What are the different Views for?

— Different views organize events in the app in a way thats easy to understand and is convenient. View New shows events created by others in the community, Me shows events created by yourself, or events that you are participating in, Memories shows events that you organized or particpated in and has now finished.

I have many good ideas regarding the product. How do I send a feedback?

— Click on your Avatar and on bottom of your profile you will see a Link for sending DYT your feedback.

I have been banned from an event in DYT. Why and What do I do now?

— You may have your access restricted in DYT for inappropriate comments on DYT. When you interact with DYT you are given an opportunity to explain yourself via email. We will be fair and take no pleasure in banning anyone from an event.

I have been banned from the System. what do I do?

— If you have been banned from the system you will be logged out automatically but will be given an opportunity to send an email to DYT explaining yourself. We will be fair and take no pleasure in banning in anyone from the system.

I joined an event but can’t make it. Can I leave?

— Yes you can. Simply go to your “Me” view and click on the Leave Button on the event you want to leave.

I organized an event but would like to change some of the event properties like place and time. Can I do that?

— Yes you can. Simply go to view “Me” and click on the Edit link on your event card and change the properties you want.

Will I be notified when an event is due?

— Yes, you will be. You will get a notification 2 hours and then 10 minutes before the event is due.

Can I cancel an event once it has been created?

— Yes, You may cancel an event after creation.

Will I be notified when an event is canceled?

— Yes, you will receive a notification.

When I organize an event I would like the event to be visible only to people of my choice. Can I do that?

— Yes, you can. When you create an event click on the cog on the top right corner of your event creation screen, from here you will be able to mark the event as Private.

I would like to invite some of my friends who don't have DYT. Can I still do this?

— Yes, Just create your event and invite them via FaceBook, Twitter, SMS or Email. Your friend will receive a link that they can click on and if DYT is not installed on their phone it will automatically be installed and they will be taken automatically to the event you invited them to.

When I create an event can I include a web link of the event I am creating?

— Yes, you can. You can add a link beginning with www or http or https as part of the event description.

When I choose TAG representing the type of event the system automatically adds a picture. Can I change the picture?

— Yes, you can. Simply click on ‘Add Picture’ and you can change the picture.

Currently the system allows me to add only pictures when I create an event. Can I add a video?

— Not yet. This feature is planned and will be available shortly.

I have lot of feedbacks, questions about the product. Is there a phone number I can call?

— No, unfortunately not. You are encouraged to use the Send Feedback feature available in your profile. Simply click on you Avatar and click on the Send Feedback link. Alternatively you can send emails to

Do I need Facebook in order to use DYT?

— Yes, you do. We use Facebook to do login authentication. But we only get your ‘Interest’ information if any from Facebook. We plan to allow Google+ authentication as well in the near future.

How can I report an inappropriate event or user?

— You can always use the Feedback Link on you profile page. Simply click on your Avatar and then click on the Feedback page. We will take care of the rest. BTW, we also do this pro actively. But you are encouraged to report as well.

What other services are you compatible with?

— We allow you to interact with other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can share your created events on these medias and you can also share your event reviews (events that you participated in) on these media outlets.

Why was my event quarantined?

— DYT review staff probably felt it was inappropriate. But, its not the end of the world. Simply send us a feedback and we will be fair in evaluating your complaint.